!Warning! Staff Party Season: Be The Complete Package

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!Warning! Staff Party Season: Be The Complete Package

Preparation is an essential key to success, especially with the myriad of products today for online shoppers. With Christmas and the holidays rapidly approaching it's time to think about how you can look and feel as good as possible. At Pricedok we have what you need to be on your “A” game this winter season. From casual to formal wear, we have everything you need.


 At Pricedok we sell many items from across the globe which allows us to compete and offer our customers better products at lower prices. However we attain a commitment to promote domestically manufactured products because we are proud of where we come from, and the great products we can produce! On that note, we do have 100% all American made products, such as this "STAND UP - PROUDLY AMERICAN" P+USA apparel. 


Since most of our products come from China this doesn't mean they are lower quality. Most of these products often come a size or more smaller than expected, so with many of these products knowing your sizing chart is essential! So I must reiterate, PLEASE reference the sizing guide which are attached to every product page BEFORE CHECKOUT. Another unfortunate side affect to this fact is that many products will not fit some of the more robust individuals. However at www.pricedok.com there is something for every person, including: great products, prices, and deals to be had. 

(see below example for coat sizing. each product has detailed sizing charts)

We understand the harsh climate of our overburdened parcel carriers over the holiday season. Therefore we stress our dedication to a swift, steady fulfillment and shipping process. We will work through your order to get your products to you as quick as possible to ensure your holidays are as stress-free as possible. In the U.S. & Canada we offer free priority shipping (7-16 business days) on orders $30 and over and free express shipping (2-8 business days) on products $150 and over. With that in mind the more you spend the more you save and the quicker we expedite the process.

Our customer service team will be more than happy to respond to any problems or questions you may be experiencing and we look forward to a great holiday season!