Men's Short Swimming Trunks

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As hot summer comes, do you want to enjoy swimming with a comfortable and nice-looking swimsuit? This item is made of premium material for soft and popular wearing. What's important, there is a drawstring closure that is adjustable to fit you well.
- Color: Navy blue, white and green.
- Material: Spandex and nylon.
- Size M: 68-76cm(Suitable Waist); 55-65kg(Suggest Weight);
- Size L: 74-83cm(Suitable Waist); 65-72.5kg(Suggest Weight);
- Size XL: 81-90cm(Suitable Waist); 72.5-80kg(Suggest Weight);
- Size XXL: 88-98cm(Suitable Waist); 80-90kg(Suggest Weight).
- Soft and lightweight for comfortable wearing.
- Convenient for you to resize with a drawstring in the front of the waistband.
- Lightweight for portable carrying. Quick dry material, perfect for swimming, surfing, beach and other outdoor activities.